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We are proud to be the third provider in the entire state of Florida, and 25th in the entire country, to offer the UltraClear laser in Boynton Beach, and our very own Dr. Gretzula is one of UltraClears Key Opinion Leaders. UltraClear is the worlds first cold ablative fiber laser and is the cutting-edge of skin rejuvenation.

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What is UltraClear?

Powered by first-of-its-kind cold fiber laser technology, UltraClear reverses signs of aging and addresses multiple skin conditions to help patients look their best. Patients can achieve this quickly, safely, effectively, and comfortably in one treatment. Skin conditions addressed by UltraClear include:

  • Fine lines
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Melasma
  • Sun Damage
  • Sunspots
  • Age spots
  • Scars, including acne scars
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Enlarged pores

Treatment areas include: 

  • Face
  • Neck 
  • Décolleté
  • Hands
  • And more

How does UltraClear work?

UltraClear is clinically proven and FDA-cleared to be the world’s first MID IR Fiber Laser skin rejuvenation solution that treats multiple skin layers to help reverse signs of aging. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation technology vaporizes the outer layers of dull and damaged skin while heating the underlying layers with precisely controlled thermal energy. 

Doing so causes the skin to heal, restructure, and grow new skin cells. The result is increased collagen and elastin production for smoother, healthier skin and a more radiant complexion. Your skin will be clearer, tighter, and younger-looking.

    Suitable Skin Types

    Safe on ALL Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI

    Type I

    Type II

    Type III

    Type IV

    Type V

    Type VI

    UltraClear Laser Before & After

    before and after 1 treatment of Ultraclear

    1 month before and after 1 treatment of Ultraclear

    One laser, four UltraClear treatments

    UltraClear’s advanced software allows us to provide treatment options tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and skin type.

    Clear Mode

    This process produces quick results for:

    • Resurfaced skin texture
    • Sun damage
    • Blemishes
    • Minimal downtime
    • Lowest pain level
    • Melasma 

    Clear+ Mode

    Clear+ Mode provides Dramatic improvement of:

    • Fine lines
    • Wrinkles
    • Sun damage
    • Age spots
    • Acne scars

    Ultra Mode

    Ultra Mode uses UltraClear’s proprietary 3DIntelliPulse technology to create:

    • Deep rejuvenation in the mid dermis
    • Growth of new and more vital collagen and elastin
    • Significant improvement in deep wrinkles, scars, and sagging skin

    UltraClear Mode

    This mode combines modes 2 and 3 for immediate and long-lasting results, including smoother, tighter, brighter, and younger-looking skin.

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    UltraClear - Two Actions in one Device:

    High-Resolution Skin Resurfacing

    UltraClear’s cold laser beams remove damaged epidermal cells to clear surface irregularities while minimizing the side effects and pain associated with thermal treatments. This superior beam quality enables even energy distribution to provide highly consistent resurfacing results. Like deep exfoliation, UltraClear promotes the growth of new skin cells that are smoother, healthier, and more radiant.

    3D Collagen Remodeling

    Simultaneously, UltraClear creates thermal injuries in the mid dermis by depositing controllable thermal energy, which:
    Initiates the skin’s self-healing process
    Promotes internal growth of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
    Tightens and rejuvenates the skin from the inside out

    UltraClear with Exosomes

    If you want to boost your skin’s health from the inside out, an exosome treatment after other skin rejuvenation methods provides the best results. Exosomes are the upgraded version of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), providing a more potent and powerful combination of sources necessary for skin repair. When this serum is paired with an advanced laser treatment, such as UltraClear, the Exosome complex produces a more youthful appearance in an expedited amount of time.

    The Exosome Regenerative Complex + is the most cutting-edge breakthrough for clinically proven skin rejuvenation and regeneration. This serum harnesses the power of:

    • Over five billion stem cell-derived lyophilized exosomes
    • Potent growth factors
    • Peptides
    • Coenzymes
    • Minerals
    • Amino acids
    • Vitamins

    UltraClear benefits

    UltraClear uses proprietary technology, MIRACL, and 3DIntelliPulse, which combines decades of experience and advances in aesthetic lasers to redefine precision energy control and techniques. UltraClear dramatically reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or PIH), unlike other energy-based skin treatments. PIH more commonly affects Asian and darker skin types. UltraClear’s cutting-edge technology minimizes unwanted thermal damage while maximizing results for all skin types. Other UltraClear benefits include:

    • Immediate and long-lasting results
    • Virtually painless
    • Full-face treatment is only fifteen minutes
    • Minimal downtime
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    Why choose Beauty Within for UltraClear treatments?

    Beauty Within was founded as a wellness and anti-aging center by Dr. Joseph C. Gretzula, a board-certified dermatologist in Boynton Beach, FL, with over 39 years of experience in the medical field. Our mission is to improve your biological age through epigenetics and artificial intelligence to help you look and feel great.

    We design an individualized program that integrates spirituality, meditation, and nutrition with the latest aesthetic technology. You’ll look and feel better about yourself as you implement our unique services and expertise to enhance the beauty within. Enjoy a concierge experience at our beautiful and tranquil location on the Intracoastal in Palm Beach County, and allow us to Enhance the Beauty Within You.

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