What is Your Biological Age?

Did you know that everyone ages uniquely — and that you actually have two ages? Your age is measured in years, but you also have a biological age which can help predict illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, as well as give insight into what your lifestyle is doing to you. 

Biological age testing evaluates your health by looking at how your cells have changed over the years.

Our tissues, organs, and blood have their own specific pace of life that moves at different speeds.

Your biological age can be determined by looking into your body’s biomarkers. From there, we can help you fight stress, decreased energy, aging, body composition changes, decreased energy, depression, loss of libido, and much more.

Why Your Biological Age Matters

Accelerated biological age is the number one risk factor for chronic disease. Knowing and understanding your biological age can lengthen your life and slow aging by:

  • Providing a clearer picture of your overall health and wellbeing
  • Giving you a comprehensive understanding of how well your body functions
  • Predicting a variety of health outcomes such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease
  • Giving insight into how your habits and lifestyle are affecting your health

How TruDiagnostic Works

TruDiagnostic performs biological age determination by using a highly advanced and detailed test that uses a patient’s DNA. The results will reflect a combination of your genetics and accumulated lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise.

The lower your biological age, the better — but if it’s high, the information from the test can be used to help you improve your health and point out the changes you need to make in order to reach your health goals.

Factors That Affect Your Biological Age  

  • Sleep habits
  • Relationships
  • Drugs/Medication
  • Psychological health
  • Exposure to environmental toxins
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Alcohol 
  • Tobacco
  • Stress
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What to Expect During Your Appointment

We will collect a sample of your blood, which will be sent to the private TruDiagnostic lab. This lab is trusted by epigenetic researchers worldwide and uses premium data security and accuracy. Your blood sample will be assessed and searched for specific points and patterns of DNA methylation locations, especially those related to aging.  

An in-depth report will then be made of your biological age. Once this report is received by Dr. Gretzula, he will analyze the data to create your personalized health and wellness plan. This plan will include lifestyle changes that are designed to improve your biological age — or to maintain it if it looks good already.

Why Choose Beauty Within?

Ready to find your true age and slow the aging process? Our patients who choose to learn their biological age often come to us feeling tired, defeated, and ready to make a change. Once their treatment plan has been followed, they feel transformed, confident, and ready for the next journey. This focus is the overall process of Beauty Within. The goal is to look and feel great, lower stress, and elongate life. Founded by Dr. Joseph Gretzula, Beauty Within implements science-backed aesthetics and wellness — along with the doctor’s decades of clinical experience — to transform traditional medicine to achieve healthy human longevity in a more personalized manner. We incorporate far more science than what a typical med spa would do, and we make it our mission to Enhance the Beauty Within You. When you choose to learn your biological age, you are choosing a new lifestyle and path to wellness. We encourage you to book your experience with us today.

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