Why is biological age important?

Your biological age is different from your chronological age. While your chronological age tells you how many years you have been alive, your biological age tells you how much aging and damage your body has sustained on a molecular and cellular level during those years. Trudiagnostic tests a number of biomarkers to give you your biological age. Your biological age helps predict health outcomes such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease and gives you ways to improve your health with specific lifestyle changes.

    Biological age vs. chronological age

    Unlike your chronological age, which you can’t do anything to change, there are many ways you can affect your biological age. While your genetics play a role in biological age, lifestyle factors and healthy habits have a significant effect as well. These include:

    • Diet and nutrition
    • Sleep habits
    • Alcohol and tobacco consumption
    • Stress
    • Environmental toxins 
    • Exercise
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    How does Trudiagnostic work?

    Trudiagnostic measures your body’s various biomarkers and gives you a collection of epigenetic age reports. Epigenetics is the field of genetics that deals with the way your lifestyle affects the way your genes work. Trudiagnostic uses a special epigenetic marker called methylation to determine your biological age. Methylation is a process that occurs in your DNA that helps turn on genes that improve your health and turn off genes that worsen your health.

    What can I expect?

    During your appointment at Beauty Within, we will collect a sample of your blood to send to the Trudiagnostic lab. Once your blood sample has been thoroughly tested and assessed, we will receive your reports. Your results are not merely a number - you will get a full collection of reports that give you a complete picture of your health. We will go over your results with you in-depth, explaining what they mean and using the data to create a fully tailor-made program to improve your biological age. 

    Here to improve your health and well-being

    The Beauty Within team is composed of medical professionals who are passionate about your health, well-being, and confidence. We provide a wide array of services to help you look and feel your best. With many years of experience and training, our team is here to improve your biological age with highly personalized treatments and services.

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